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General Info and Schedule 

School Closing Due to Inclement Weather

How To Use Phone System

Reminders From the Kipling Nurse

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Class Celebration Guidelines

Library Media Center

District 109 Information


General Info and Schedule

Kipling Elementary School

700 Kipling Place

Deerfield, IL 60015

Phone: (847) 948-5151

Fax: (847) 948-8264

District 109 phone: (847) 945-1844 


Principal: Ann Buch


Daily Schedule

Morning Session: 8:40am to 11:40am

Lunch: 11:40am to 12:35pm

Afternoon Session: 12:40pm to 3:25pm


Early Release Wednesday: 2:25pm


Children should arrive at school no earlier than 8:20am and should go home immediately after dismissal at 3:25pm.  Children may return to play with parental permission.

Clothing: Children are required to wear gym shoes for physical education, so please keep a spare pair in your child’s locker. Please keep extra clothing in their locker so your child can change into dry clothes if needed.

Recess: Recess is held outdoors every day except for rain and a wind chill below 10°. Please dress your child accordingly.

Security: All adult visitors are required to check-in in the main office, sign the visitor log and wear a visitor tag if staying in the building. All doors remain locked during the day. You will be buzzed in at the front door.

Tardiness: If students arrive at school after the final bell (8:40am), they must enter through the front office and sign in.

Early Dismissal/Late Return: If your child needs to leave school for any reason, please inform the teacher. When you arrive to pick-up your child, please come to the front office to sign your child out. If your child is returning to school after an appointment, he or she should enter through the front office and sign-in. Please be sure that ANYONE who is picking up your child for early dismissal is listed in FAMILY ACCESS.

Children and phone use: Children must seek permission to call home during the school day. They are required to come to the office to make the call from the office phone. Calls are restricted to emergencies such as missing medication, lunch or eyeglasses. Calls are not permitted to make play dates, or to ask parents to bring forgotten homework, musical instruments or other matters where children need to experience natural consequences for forgetting something. While cell phones are not banned, they are to be turned off during the school day. The school is not responsible for lost, broken or missing phones.

Forgotten Items: Students will only be paged to the office for forgotten medication or glasses.

Oops! I Forgot Table: Forgotten items must labeled and left on the cart across from the nurse’s office and the teacher will be notified. If you plan to drop something off, such as a musical instrument, please remind your child to look for it on the cart.

Late Lunches Cart: Lunches may be dropped off on the cart in the front vestibule. Please make sure it is labeled with your child’s name. Review with your child the plan for a missing lunch: double check the backpack, check the cart, call the office and then call home.

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School Closing Due to Inclement Weather

Information about school closings and weather-related schedule changes will be posted on the home page of the District 109 website. Parents also can receive notifications via email, phone call, and text message by selecting their notification preferences in Skylert through their Family Access account. Parents should make sure to log in to Family Access to update those preferences, as well as their contact information. District 109 also will post school closing information and schedule changes on; the information will also be picked up by most local media outlets.


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How To Use Phone System

To call a direct line or leave a voicemail message, call 847-948-5151 then use the following prompts:


To report an absence                      Press 3

To reach the Nurse                         Press 4

To reach the Front Office                 Press 0

To reach the directory                     Press 2, then spell the first four letters of the staff member’s last name

To leave a general message            Press 9

To leave a voice mail message for anyone on staff Press 1, and then enter the four-digit voicemail extension number (see next page) followed by the # sign


To access staff via email, use the following format: First Initial, last (e.g.,


Messages regarding students:

TO ENSURE a message is received ON THAT DAY, please send a note with your child, or call the office. While teachers check both voicemail and email daily, they will not be able to respond during instructional times. Please note that many staff do not have time to check messages after 12:15 pm. Teachers will get back to you as soon as they are able. Except for emergencies, students will not be paged or receive messages during the instructional day.



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Reminders From the Kipling Nurse

Absences: If your child will not attend school, regardless of the reason, you must report the absence to the school nurse by emailing or calling 847-948-5151, press 3, before 8:45 a.m. Please report your child’s absence EACH DAY he/she is absent. For your child’s safety, if the school does not receive notification of the absence, the office will contact the home and work phone numbers listed to locate your child.

• Any child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Children with a temperature of 99.5° or above will be sent home.

• Please wait for the results of your child’s throat culture before sending him/her to school.

Extended Absence: If your child will be absent for two or more days, please stop in at the office to complete a “Notification of Absence” form. It can also be found on the district website,

Special Health Issues: If your child has a special health issue, please notify the Health Aide and your child’s teacher. Every child who attends school is considered well enough to participate in outdoor recess unless the Health Office has been notified to the contrary. Please send a note to the Health Office explaining the illness or injury.

Medications: It is the policy of District 109 that all medication sent to school must be in its original medication bottle. Plastic bags and envelopes will not be accepted. Please mark the medication clearly with your child’s name and fill out the proper forms. Forms can be downloaded from Select 'Kipling Elementary,' then 'Health Information' and select the correct form from the 'Student Forms' section of the web page. Forms must be submitted to the Health Office.


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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Review the latest pick up and drop off procedures.


Lining Up

In the morning, at the 8:30am bell, children will line up behind their homeroom numbers. Room numbers are painted on the blacktop.


Kindergarten will enter from the south blacktop, near the play equipment.

Mrs. Dushman - Room 3

Mrs. Ewert - Room 2

Mrs. Bolon - Room 4

Ms. Piemonte- Room 5



First Grade will enter from the south blacktop through the middle doors.

Mrs. Comitor - Room 7

Mrs. Friedlander - Room 6

Mrs. Cacioppo - Room 8

Ms. Johnson- Room 9



Second Grade will enter from the south blacktop through the middle doors.

Ms. Abrams - Room 11

Ms. Carr - Room 12

Ms. Apa - Room 14


Third Grade will enter from the south blacktop through the west doors.

Ms. Gomberg - Room 15

Mrs. Thurman - Room 16

Mrs. Malek - Room 17

Mrs. Binder-Markey - Room 18


Fourth Grade will enter from the north blacktop through the west doors

Ms Sayner - Room 44

Mr. McCulloch - Room 46

Ms. Karasick - Room 42

Ms. Curran - Room 10


Fifth Grade with enter at the east end (near the MPR) through the door facing Kipling Place.

Mrs. Carpenter - Room 32

Ms. Kaulentis - Room 33

Ms. Jorjorian - Room 31

Mr. Victorine- Room 34


Early Pick-up

If you pick up your child or children during school hours (i.e., for a doctor’s appointment), please use the circle drive. Office staff can ensure your children are supervised until you pull up.



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Class Celebration Guidelines

We want children to learn they can have fun without extravagance and excessiveness. Celebrations can be lively and enjoyable, yet simple. We ask a lot from our parent community, therefore, we need to limit the costs associated with treats for classroom parties so as not to overburden any one person or any one group.

• The following four parties are held each year: Halloween, Winter, Valentines and End-of-Year.

• Teachers and their grade level teams decide if parties are to be held as a grade or as individual homerooms.

• Teachers will oversee and approve the plans and overall themes.

• Activities should be age-appropriate and kept simple. It is not necessary to do an art project. If one is done, it should not require any extra money to be collected. Children enjoy many games that require no supplies or money. Teachers can suggest ideas for these.

• No goody bags, gifts or treats should be distributed. 

• Parties are to be held on school or park district grounds and not held in private homes or other facilities.

• The teacher will plan any additional celebrations, such as end-of-unit luncheons, with help from the room parents. If a major food dish is needed, many parents should sign up for these and split the cost.

• Teachers need to plan all events well in advance so as to give the Room Parents ample time to solicit volunteers.

• If a child is moving away, to preserve his/her feelings, teachers will keep any recognition of this very low-key.

• No money should be collected for holiday or end-of-year gifts for teachers.

• Any surprise parties for staff held at school (i.e., baby or wedding showers) need to be approved by the principal.

• Any other money collections for special activities are to be approved by the principal and handled by the teacher.

• As a special birthday option, parents may choose to donate a book to the LMC in honor of their child’s birthday. Your child will also receive his/her own birthday book from the Principal, as a courtesy of the Kipling PTO.

• For students’ safety, no food may be brought to the classroom for birthdays.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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Library Media Center

The Library Media Center (LMC) is open from 8:45am until 3:30pm. Children visit the center both on a scheduled and non-scheduled basis for instruction in media skills. Students also use the center on an individualized basis for projects, assignments, enrichment programs and personal interests.

• Check out Policies: Magazines, books, and other media are available for home use. Children in grades K-2 may check out LMC materials for one week; third, fourth and fifth graders may check out materials for two weeks. Children may renew materials as needed.

• Damaged materials: The cost is determined by the amount of repair needed to make the materials ready for circulation.

• Lost materials: The fine for lost materials is determined by the current replacement cost.

• Notification: Students are notified weekly of overdue material. If, after notification, the child does not return the item, parents are notified about the missing item by mail or phone.

• Parental instruction in the use of borrowed materials—parents have found the following guidelines helpful in training youngsters to care for borrowed materials:

-Encourage the child to carry LMC materials in a waterproof school bag.

-Decide on a special place in the home where borrowed materials are to be kept.

-Reinforce the concept that not returning materials on time denies others the use of the materials.

-Encourage the child to report any damage to the material at the time of return.


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District 109 Information

517 Deerfield Road, Deerfield, IL 60015

Phone - 847-945-1844 

Fax - 847-945-1853


Dr. Michael Lubelfeld, Superintendent - ext 7231

Mr. Greg Himebaugh, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services - ext 7227

Mr. Dale Fisher, Director of Human Services - ext 7228

Dr. Jeff Zoul, Assistant Superintendent for Learning - ext 7237

Mr. Charlie Privett, Director of Buildings and Ground - ext 7245

Ms. Sally Wyman, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Buildings and Grounds (coordinates gym usage after school) - ext 7204

Mrs. Cathy Kedjidjian - Coordinator of Communicaitons and Community Relations - ext 7238


District 109 Board of Education

The District 109 Board of Education meets at 7:30pm on regularly scheduled Mondays of each month at the Administration Building and schools across the district.  Consult the District 109 web site for exact dates and locations.


Mr. Nick Begley, President - 847-317-0814

Mr. Ron Worth, Vice President - 847-940-0456

Ms. Sari Montgomery, Secretary - 847-433-7430

Mr. Ken Ashman, Member - 847-912-6100

Mr. Katie Bittner, Member 

Ms. Scott Kluge, Member 

Ms. Jodi Shapira, Member - 847-236-0223


District 109 Schools


700 Kipling Place 

847-948-5151 - phone

847- 948-8264 - fax


South Park

1421 Hackberry Road

847-945-5895 - phone

847-945-5291 - fax



630 Essex Court

847-945-9660 - phone

847-945-0035 - fax



795 Wilmot Road

847-945-1075 - phone

847-405-9736 - fax



1801 Montgomery Road

847-945-8430 - phone

847-945-1963 - fax



440 Grove Place

847-948-0620 - phone

847-948-8589 - fax



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