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Frequently Asked Questions



I’m not receiving the Kipling weekly email blasts.

The emails may be going to your spam folder.  Add to your contacts or safe senders list to help ensure delivery.


What do I have to do to join the PTO and what does membership include?

Purchase a Kipling PTO membership on the PTO website. Membership includes a registration key for two smartphone devices to the Paperless PTO school directory.  The app is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Do I need to purchase a PTO Membership for each of my students?

No. One PTO Membership is for your entire family.


What is Special Lunch?

The Special Lunch program offers Kipling students with hot lunches for purchase from local area restaurants through our partnership with Kiddos Catering.  The lunches are provided by Kiddos Catering Monday through Friday, with the exceptions of Pizza FUND Days.  DQ & Suzy Swirl will be offered as an option once a month. You can order, change, or cancel your order BEFORE Monday mornings at 9:00am for the NEXT week’s lunches. You are encouraged to order as far out as you can so you don’t miss out.  Visit Kiddos Catering to order and learn more.


What is DQ Blizzard Day? 

Once a month your child can order a DQ Blizzard to enjoy after their lunch. Order through Kiddos Catering and Kiddos will give $1.75 for each DQ Blizzard to the Kipling PTO to help support our school.


What is Suzy Swirl Day?

Once a month your child can order a Suzy Swirl Frozen Yogurt treat to enjoy after their lunch.  Order through Kiddos Catering and Kiddos will give $0.50 for each Suzy Swirl to the Kipling PTO to help support our school.


What is Pizza FUND Lunch?

Formerly called Legacy Pizza Lunch, Pizza FUND Lunch helps support the 5th graders to leave a legacy gift for Kipling! Money earned from Pizza “FUND” Lunch will go directly towards the purchase of a gift for future generations of Kipling students to enjoy. The 5th graders will help serve pizza to the students on the first Friday of every month.


Where can I find information on the After School Enrichment (ASE) program?

The latest information on ASE can be found under the ‘More Info’ tab on the Kipling PTO website. Information includes registration information, class descriptions, class calendar and current class lists.


Where can I find the School Supply Lists?

School Supply Lists for all grades are posted to the Kipling PTO website under the Flyers section under the More Info tab.


I forgot to buy the school supplies package for my child.  Are there extras available for purchase from the PTO?

No, the PTO does not purchase extra school supply packages. If you missed the deadline date to order school supplies, you will need to purchase them independently using the school supply lists posted on the Flyers section of the website, under ‘More Info.’


Do I have to purchase my child’s school supplies from the PTO?

No, this is a service provided by the PTO as a convenience.


What is Donate a Book to the LMC?

Donate An LMC Book (formerly called Celebrate With Books) allows you to celebrate your child's birthday while supporting the Kipling Library.  By signing up during Virtual Fee Day, your child will be able to choose from a pre-selected collection of books, be the first to check it out, and have a personalized sticker put in the book honoring them.  Your participation is directly responsible for building our library's collection of books. The minimum donation for a book is $20.00.    


How can I support the Kipling PTO while I shop?

Support the Kipling PTO when shopping at Amazon by starting at Amazon donates 5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Learn more about AmazonSmile.


Heinen’s Teaming Up For Education program will donate up to 1% of your qualified purchases to Kipling Elementary from September through April. It’s easy – just sign up for Heinen’s Preferred Customer card and when you complete your online profile, select Kipling Elementary as your school of choice.  This needs to be done annually.


I need after school care for my child, can you help?

The Deerfield Park District offers an After School Club at Kipling for boys and girls from kindergarten through fifth grade. Your child can have fun at Kipling, with friends from school, under the supervision of experienced staff while you are at work. Choose from two to five days a week, from 3:35 – 6:00pm. Learn more at the Deerfield Park District.


Does the Kipling PTO offer “Before School Care?”

Busy families who need care for their children before the school day begins can sign up for Before School Care provided by the Kipling PTO. Hours are from 7:00am until 8:15am and is located in the Kipling Gym, with drop off at the Kipling Place entrance. You can choose from one to five days a week or even use on an ad hoc basis when you need it for $10 a day. To secure a spot, sign up from Kipling PTO website (register for access) prior to the start of the school year or the second half semester. Learn more about the Before School Care program.


When does Online Family Registration start?

Online Family Registration, also known as Virtual Fee Day, is announced during the summer months prior to the start of the school year and usually opens the day after classroom placements are available. Once you have your child’s placement, update your Kipling PTO account with your student’s teacher and any other updated account information. You can then start shopping for all your school year needs including the school directory app, before school care, spiritwear, book programs and more! 




Why do I need to make an account on the Kipling PTO website?

The Kipling PTO website is the only form of communication the PTO has with families. Therefore it is very important that you update and complete the registration before the school year begins. Our weekly PTO Postings are generated from email addresses entered into the website. In addition it serves as a one-stop shopping site for everything the PTO has to offer. You can update your profile, contact information, student information, and directory display preferences at any time. Please update your information as necessary, so the information is always current. Parent 2 information should be added as contact information and display in the school directory, but parent 2’s email address is not used for login for registering the school directory app.


I can’t find where to purchase items for sale.

Log in to the secure portion of the website. Once logged in you will see a “For Sale” tab on the top left side. Click to view the items currently available for sale.


How can I confirm what I’ve purchased from the website?

Log in and navigated to the ‘My Info’ tab, there is a button for My Orders. Click the order number to see what was ordered and processed.  


How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password using the Forgot Your Password option.




I already purchased an app registration key last year, do I need to do it each year?

Yes, you must become a member of the PTO each year to receive registration keys to activate your apps for the current school year.


I already have the app, do I need to delete it at the start of the new school year?

Existing users of the app do not need to delete the app.  The app will work until the registration key expires   Once the expiration dates passes, existing users of the app will need a new registration key to activate the app.  Purchasing the PTO Membership generates the registration key.  


I am new to Kipling, how do I download the app?

Download the app from the Google Play Store or iPhone App Store. Use the keyword “paperlesspto” with no spaces for the app to appear in the results page. To activate the app enter the primary account email address, Kipling PTO website password, and one of the two assigned registration keys. When the three items are entered correctly the app will be activated.


I purchased the PTO membership and received 2 registration keys, but I need another registration key for our nanny, do I need to buy another PTO membership?.

No, if you’ve already purchased a membership you can buy an additional registration keys are available for purchase for $5


I purchased a PTO Membership but never received the Registration keys.

If you didn’t receive an email with the registration keys you can access the registration key information from the Kipling PTO website.  Log in to your account, under the 'My Info' tab, navigate to 'My Directory App.' You should see the 7 digit registration key listed.


I need my registration key, where can I find it?

Once you are logged in, navigate to the 'My Info' tab, then click 'My Directory App.' Your registration key is listed on this page.


When I do a search by last name on the app, nothing comes up,

Click Name Search, enter the Last name and make sure to click search icon button [magnifying glass], the name listing should appear.


How do I get the School Directory App?

Add the PTO Membership to your shopping cart. Once your purchase is completed a registration key will be emailed to the primary email address in the account from Paperless PTO. A registration key is required for the app to function. Each key is valid for two devices.


How do I register a second device?

When registering a second device, use your primary login email. For example, if your account is under Mom’s email address then Dad must use Mom’s email address when initially registering the app on his device.